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Riflescopes from ALPEN OPTICS – outstanding quality and innovative technology

When you’re out hunting, obtaining a clear view of your target is essential if you want to be sure of success. As it’s not always possible to rely on the naked eye, a good riflescope is a must-have piece of gear for any hunting enthusiast – models made using high-end glass material, high-performance coatings and modern technology can significantly boost your chances of success. As a premium brand for hunting optics, ALPEN OPTICS makes no compromises in the design of its riflescopes. Read on to find out more about the cutting-edge features of our riflescopes!

Innovative technology for hunting enthusiasts

Novedosa tecnología SmartDot

Utilizar el punto rojo con la tecnología SmartDot probablemente sea la forma más inteligente de usarlo, ya que, el control es completamente automático a través de las nuevas placas de circuito del dispositivo, basándose únicamente en la inclinación del arma. Así, el punto rojo se apagará automáticamente y permanecerá en modo de reposo al bajar el arma. Cuando se vuelve a colocar el arma en posición de preparado, el dispositivo estará totalmente operativo en pocos milisegundos. Esto le ahorrará un tiempo valioso y le permitirá concentrarse en lo esencial: Caza y la naturaleza. Para el ahorro máximo de energía, el dispositivo se apaga por completo automáticamente después de unos 3 minutos en modo reposo. Activar la tecnología SmartDot también es muy sencillo: basta con ajustar el punto rojo al brillo deseado con un breve giro del mando.

Tecnología Fluodigits
por Alpen Optics

Un requisito esencial para cazar es ver y no ser visto. Por eso, la nueva tecnología FluoDigits se convierte en una verdadera ventaja durante la caza nocturna o al anochecer, en la oscuridad sobre el asiento alto. Por lo general, es difícil o imposible ver el ajuste de los aumentos de un visor en la oscuridad. Por esa razón, los números de aumento FluoDigits de ALPEN OPTICS traen un revestimiento especial que permite que los números brillen ligeramente hasta 4 horas. Se pueden leer claramente desde la distancia más corta. Sin embargo, el brillo no será perceptible a una distancia de 1,5 m. De este modo, siempre tendrá a mano toda la información sobre el aumento que utilice en cada momento, pero sin ser detectado. De día, los dígitos pueden verse con normalidad.

High-performance coatings for stunning images in challenging lighting conditions

The more light that passes through the riflescope, the brighter the image. This is particularly important when hunting during twilight hours or in adverse weather conditions. Featuring high-performance coatings that provide impressive light transmission of well over 90%, ALPEN OPTICS riflescopes are ideal for these types of scenarios.

Special UBX coating for even brighter images

ALPEN OPTICS Apex XP riflescopes come with a cutting-edge Ultra-bright coating (UBX) to ensure that you obtain a bright image of your target, even during twilight hours or in adverse weather conditions.

Full multi-layer coating for improved light transmission

The lenses on our riflescopes are equipped with a full multi-layer coating to enable more light to reach your eyes.

Cutting-edge glass material for optimal image quality

Glass is one of the most important materials used in riflescopes, as it has a significant impact on the image quality. For this reason, we only use the highest quality glass for our riflescopes. For example, the lenses in our HD glass models are made from a premium-grade glass material with a high light transmission, which renders images in razor-sharp detail.

MRAD mechanism for easy turret adjustment

All ALPEN OPTICS riflescopes are equipped with the MRAD 0.1 click adjustment mechanism, which is based on the metric system, and therefore easier to use than riflescopes with the imperial-based MOA turret system. With the MRAD system, the shooting range (in metres) can be quickly calculated in the unit of the turret setting (centimetres). MRAD stands for Milliradian and corresponds to 1/1000 of a radian (unit of angle). For example, 0.1 MRAD / MIL is equivalent to 1 cm at a distance of 100 metres. This means that one click of the MRAD mechanism corresponds to 3 cm (0.03 m) at a shooting range of 300 metres.

ALPEN OPTICS riflescopes with reticles for different purposes

A reticle helps you to aim and shoot at your target with precision. A range of reticles are available for riflescopesdepending on your exact needs. The following section provides an overview of the four most common types of reticle, which are also used in ALPEN OPTICS riflescopes.


A duplex-style reticle is located in the second focal plane, and does not change in size when you zoom in. With this type of reticle, the four crosshairs are thicker towards the edge and form a thin cross in the middle. This allows you to position your target symmetrically.

German #4 reticle

This is the most common type of reticle for hunting. The reticle is located in the second focal plane and does not change in size when you zoom in. It consists of three thick cross hairs and one thin cross hair, which extends from the edge of the eyepiece to the centre. With this type of reticle, the following formula can be used to calculate the distance to your target: if your target fits between the two horizontal crosshairs, it is 100 metres away.

Mil-Dot reticle

Riflescopes with a Mil-Dot reticle are primarily used in shooting sports and for long-range hunting. The Mil-Dot serves as a measure of length, whereby the number of dots is indicated with Mil. On a riflescope with constant zoom, 1 Mil is equivalent to a length of 10 cm at a distance of 100 metres, and one Mil-Dot corresponds to 2 cm.


BDC stands for “Bullet drop compensator”. This type of reticle was developed for long-range distance shooting, and allows you to calculate how far a bullet will drop at a given range using the various reference points.

Zero-stop function for quickly resetting the zero position

Changing wind conditions or moving to closer or longer ranges may require you to temporarily adjust the reticle. To simplify this process, all ALPEN OPTICS riflescopes are equipped with a zero-stop function. This stops the turret when it reaches the preset zero setting, allowing you to quickly reset the zero position without conducting a visual check.

Durable design for use in all weather conditions

Just like all outdoor activities, hunting can be impacted by adverse weather conditions. For this reason, all our riflescopes feature a durable weatherproof design.

Waterproof housing

All ALPEN OPTICS riflescopes feature a waterproof housing that is waterproof to up to 3 metres. This prevents water from coming into contact with the optics during heavy rain or in the event of an accidental drop in a puddle.

Fog-free lenses

ALPEN OPTICS riflescopes are filled with inert gas to prevent the insides of the lenses from fogging up in the event of rapid changes in temperature.

Recoil-resistant precision optics

Our riflescopes feature a recoil-resistant design that can withstand a force of up to 1000 g – equivalent to that of a magnum cartridge.

Premium quality with lifelong guarantee

Our riflescopes are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, and come with a lifelong warranty. Simply register your purchase to benefit from a free repair/replacement service and priority service access via email. More information on the terms and conditions of our warranty is available here. Discover the extensive range of high-quality ALPEN OPTICS riflescopes with cutting-edge features and chic designs!